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Corporate Law And Commercial Litigation

Our Business and Commercial Litigation Practice covers a wide range of business relationships. Tracy, Stilwell & Parrinello, P.C. has the breadth and depth of litigation experience to handle virtually any matter that our clients may have. Businesses and Corporations often turn to Tracy, Stilwell & Parrinello, P.C. to handle their “must win” disputes because Our Firm understands the vital aspects of the business world.

Our Lawyers regularly handle contract disputes, real estate disputes and business torts for businesses, partnerships and corporations of all sizes. Tracy, Stilwell & Parrinello, P.C. has also counseled a number of closely held businesses, corporations and partnerships on matters and conflicts concerning corporate governance and shareholder issues.

Our representation often leads outside of the courtroom and into alternative dispute resolution. Whether the forum is arbitration, mediation or negotiations, Tracy, Stilwell & Parrinello, P.C. is prepared to represent our clients with economically viable, efficient and, most importantly, successful results.

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