Client Testimonials

Attorney Jack Tracy Testimonials:

“In 2009, our mother was killed by a “so-called” Doctor (We refuse to call him Doctor). It was an extremely difficult case, and, it came to trial the summer of 2015. We cannot thank the Law Firm of Tracy, Stilwell & Parrinello enough. The entire law firm worked diligently for six long, hard years. They were professional, courteous, compassionate, and, kept us apprised of everything they were doing. In addition, they became like family.

We did not have to pay for services rendered unless the case was won. They took all the risk. They would always take our phone calls and answer our questions. They were absolutely wonderful. We cannot praise them enough. They left no stone unturned. Our sincere appreciation goes out in particular to Mr. John Tracy, who went above and beyond for us. We want to thank Mr. Stilwell for his help, and for also getting the hard of hearing device, and, Mr. Parrinello for all his assistance. The staff is exceptional, in particular, Lynn, for all her hard work.

As stated earlier, it was an extremely difficult, long, exhausting case for all of us to endure, but in the end, we won! If you want to have a firm go all out for you, and, be treated like a member of the family, then Tracy, Stilwell & Parrinello is the firm you want representing you. There is nothing they would not do for their clients.”

The Siryk Family